Battery Technology

Batteries can be confusing, so we are here to make your transition to EVs as smooth as possible. Here, you will find some basic EV terms and information regarding the battery in Volkswagen EVs. 


Key Battery Terms 

  • kWh Capacity: The battery’s total energy storage capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours. A higher kWh means a larger battery storing more energy!
  • kW (kilowatt): kW is used to measure the electric motor’s power output that drives the wheels. 
  • Range per Charge: This indicates the distance a vehicle can travel on a full battery without recharging. 
  • Charging Times: This refers to the duration required to recharge the battery. 
  • Thermal Management: EV batteries require proper temperature control. Active cooling or heating systems maintain optimal operating conditions.
  • C-rate: A measure of how quickly a battery can charge or discharge. For example, a 1C rate means charging or discharging in one hour.


Battery Technology in the ID. 4

Here are some quick facts about the ID.4 battery

Battery Size

  • 62 kWh (ID.4)
  • 82 kWh (ID.4 Pro and ID.4 Pro AWD)


  • 210 kW electric motor (ID.4)
  • 250 kW electric motor (ID.4 pro)


Benefits of Volkswagen Batteries

Owning a Volkswagen EV comes with numerous practical benefits:

  • Lower Running Costs: Volkswagen battery technology has fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance. Plus, there is less cost associated with charging an EV. 
  • Power and Range: Volkswagen batteries and motors mean you’ll have plenty of power and range for your journey. The ID.4 Pro AWD can go 0-100 in 5.3 seconds with around 420 km range. Pretty impressive for a family SUV. 


St. Thomas Battery Factory, Ontario

This factory is Volkswagen’s first battery manufacturing facility in North America, and it’s located close to home here in St. Thomas, Ontario. We plan to open in 2027 and enhance EV production in Canada!


Key Highlights of the St. Thomas Battery Factory:

  • Capacity and Scale: The St. Thomas facility is anticipated to be one of Volkswagen’s most extensive battery cell plants. 
  • Investment and Job Creation: The development represents a significant investment of up to CAD $7 billion, projected to create around 3,000 jobs!

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