Electric Feels Good

EV 101

The world is constantly evolving, and VW is evolving with it. In our challenge to become eco-friendly and sustainable, VW is committed to bringing you an innovative electric vehicle family that utilizes our ever-evolving, top-of-the-line technology. Our ID. lineup is continuing to grow and evolve, and we are here to make the switch to electric a smooth transition for you.

Meet The ID. Family

Volkswagens’ line-up is going all-electric! Starting with the ID.4, which made its debut in 2020 as VW’s first-ever electric SUVW, we are building an ID. Family which never ceases to amaze. Check out our ID. Family and stay updated on the latest electric news. The 2024 ID.4 is available today, be sure to check out our inventory!


What is the Difference Between Gas , Hybrid, and Electric?

We all know the main difference: One is powered by gas, and the other is powered by electricity. However, there are many more differences than that. Let us explain! 

Charging at Home AND On The Go!

Did you know there are different types of chargers, with different purposes and charging times. Learn what the different levels mean and when to use the different types of chargers!

Yeah, but What IS a Battery?

Curious to dive deep into what the battery is like on our electric vehicles? We’re here to help you understand all the battery talk, and what exactly is inside our ID.4. 

What Does Range Mean for You?

We will help you understand how range works, and what real-life conditions could affect your range. Plus, learn about the helpful features of the ID.4 which can help you prepare for the trip ahead!

Will My EV Survive the Canadian Winter?

We’re Canadians, and there’s one thing we all have in common: winter. Volkswagen is happy to offer electric vehicles that perform and excel in winter conditions. Learn about how the ID.4 holds up in lower temperatures.

2-in-1 Charging Kit

An all-in-one charging unit, the 2-in-1 charger provides both level one and level two charging, making it convenient, easy to use, and install.


Ask an EV Specialist

At Pickering Volkswagen, all of our brand specialists are trained on all things electric, and are happy to assist you with any questions you might have about going electric! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!