Electric Performance in Cold Weather

We’re Canadians, and there’s one thing we all have in common: winter. Volkswagen is happy to offer electric vehicles that perform and excel in winter conditions. 


Enhanced Traction

Volkswagen has designed their electric vehicles with the harsh Canadian winters in mind. The ID. family offers EVs that are available in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Volkswagen is dedicated to providing reliable and safe vehicles to help drivers navigate through the winter season with ease.


Preheating Capabilities

You can preheat the vehicle from inside your house using the Volkswagen Car-Net mobile app while plugged in. This feature keeps the cabin warm and cozy from the start of your journey without draining the battery, enhancing comfort and helping conserve the vehicle’s range in colder climates. 

Isn’t this perfect for those cold winter mornings? 


Slower Chemical Reactions

When temperatures drop, the electrolyte fluid inside an EV’s lithium-ion battery pack becomes more viscous. This slowdown affects the chemical reactions that transfer electrons, reducing battery efficiency.

Solution: Electric vehicles like the ID.4 have a thermal management system that maintains the optimal battery temperature,  improving range and overall performance while driving.


Heating your EV

Unlike gasoline vehicles which use internal combustion engines (ICE) that generate waste heat from the engine, EVs don’t have this luxury. EVs need to produce energy to heat themselves, which draws power from the battery.

Solution: Volkswagen features an electric resistance heater that swiftly reaches the desired temperature. Part of the Climatronic automatic climate control system, this heater ensures quick warmth, enhancing both comfort and efficiency on those chilly days​​. You can remotely heat your Volkswagen EV using Car-Net while plugged in, conserving battery power. A quick tip: Use seat heaters and steering wheel warmers instead of relying solely on the cabin heater, which draws more energy from the battery.

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