EV Range: What Does It Mean For You?

What is Range?

In electric vehicles, “range” refers to the total distance an EV can travel on a single charge.


Factors Influencing Range

Several factors can affect the range of your Volkswagen EV. These include:

  • Driving Behaviour: Similar to a gas vehicle, how you drive affects your vehicle’s range. 
  • Temperature: Extreme temperatures can impact the range. 
  • Terrain: Hilly or mountainous terrain requires more power, which impacts your range. 
  • Accessory Use: In-car features like air conditioning or heating will impact the battery​​.


Real-World Range Usage

Understanding how real-world conditions affect range helps you plan your trips. For example, if it’s really cold out, you’ll have the heater on in your car, which may reduce the overall range. Or, you are going to drive through an area that’s very hilly. Lucky for you, Volkswagen EV’s calculate range, and take these factors into consideration! 


Range Forecasting

Inside the cockpit of the ID.4 includes a dynamic range calculator which calculates accurate estimations for battery range. It considers several factors, such as charge level, drive system consumption, and the energy used by vehicle accessories. This tool offers two scenarios:

  • Active Navigation: Calculates projected consumption based on route specifics like speed limits, elevation changes, and real-time traffic conditions.
  • Inactive Navigation: It estimates the range using the average energy consumption from the last 100 kilometers. The range is adjusted based on convenience features that can be toggled on or off for more accurate predictions​​.


Volkswagen’s Range-Enhancing Technologies

Volkswagen EVs use regenerative braking, which recovers energy during braking and converts it back into battery power. This extends the driving range and saves energy.


The Future of EV Infrastructure in Ontario

Ontario is taking significant steps to support the adoption of electric vehicles by simplifying the installation process of EV charging stations. This initiative aims to improve the infrastructure and practicality of owning an EV in Ontario by providing more accessible charging options.

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