Top 5 Winter Parts & Accessories Must-Haves!

February 26th, 2024 by

Although Spring is just around the corner, Winter is still upon us! At Pickering Volkswagen, we are here to bundle up the top five Winter parts and accessories must-haves to guide you through the last couple of weeks of Winter!

1. Winter Tires

Winter Tires are the quintessential must-haves for vehicles, engineered to offer superior traction and control in cold weather, especially on snowy or icy roads, ensuring your safety and delivering a smooth and secure driving experience on wintry roads. Visit our wide assortments of tires to choose from you’re sure to be safe from the slippery road.

2. Rubber Floor Mats

These rubberized mats are long-lasting, durable, and non-slipped designed to help protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt and moisture. They’re easy to clean and come in a set of four.

3. Winter Garments 

Stay bundled up and warm this winter season with our hats and gloves designed with soft material and fibers that are sure to help protect against frostbite and cold winds and keep your hands dry in snowy or wet condition

4. Splash Guards

Set of two front, matte black splash guards with mounting hardware. Designed for a flush contour fit, these splash guards help protect your Volkswagen model against road debris. Made from a temperature resistance and tested under extreme driving.

5. Snowboard/Wakeboard/Ski Attachment

Hitting up the slopes one last time or getting ready for an alpine adventure look. Look no further with this attachment. With this carrying six pairs of skis, one wakeboard, or four snowboards you and your loved ones are set for a jam-packed adventure.

Visit our parts and accessories at Pickering Volkswagen to purchase/inquire about these must-haves. Stay warm this wintry season! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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